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Author Spotlight: Tracy L. Gilmore

Author Spotlight

Tracy Gilmore

Meet The Author:

Tracy Gilmore is a native of Hampton, Va and began her writing skills while still in high school. After many years of avoiding her intended future she took up the pen and paper again to bring the world some of her best works.
She lives in Hampton with her husband of 26 years and their two children. Her hobbies are writing, knitting, baking, sewing and DIY projects. Current works are to be released in 2016 and are sure to be just as daring and adventurous as her previous writings.

Tracy Gilmore has always had a love of writing and often wrote on whatever she could find but many of her stories were beginnings and not full stories. The concept of publishing a book was not something that she considered until there was so much of it to read. Through trial and error she came across a method to allow others to enjoy the reading of her work as much as she loves to write.

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Books By Tracy Gilmore

Hypnotik: The Curses of Ashley Payton


Ashley Peyton is a very unlucky girl who is about to find out just how her luck can be easliy changed. Finding a stray man in a newly sold home has given her a new resolve on what her life should be. She will need to have the courage to shun her negative thinking and look forward to all kinds of positive possibilities. Alex, who is new to the area and is taken by surprise by Ashley, has found himself a new obsession in Ashley and he is more than determined to have her no matter what the cost. At the same time Alex has a deep dark secret that he wants to keep hidden but the more that he is with Ashley, the more his demons start to resurface. Is he willing to risk her life to have happiness himself or will he confront his demons and lose the woman he wants?

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Hypnotik 2


Ashley Peyton has found the man of her dreams. He is handsome, caring and loves her without question. In the midst of their blossoming love his past has come to break up the bond they share. Will Alex be able to keep his past in the shadows keeping Ashley safe or will the attempts on her life cause him to sacrifice his own for the woman he loves.

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Hypnotik 3


Ashley Peyton is living the life that she has always dreamed with a handsome man at her side in a beautiful home. But the bad luck that she has had is now falling on the man she loves. 
Alex is being tormented with visions of his past that manifest themselves in the strangest of places. Doing what he can he turns his home into a fortress to keep his princess safe under lock and key. 
Karma has so much more in store for him. 
The path that Alex is about to endure will test his devotion, his strength, his patience and his love. Will all of that be strong enough for him to fight off his greatest enemy and keep him from losing his mind?

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Something Very Unexpected


A tragic tale of love found lost then found again. 
This is the story of Claudette Rousseau and her love for a man that her father is dead set against her being with. This dark haired, handsome man has her ignoring her fathers wishes to be with him. In doing so, is she prepared for the dire consequences that come with being in love? Only time will tell.

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Something Very Interesting


The exciting conclusing to Something Very Unex

pected. The story of a much older Claudette and her journey to discovering who she is. The man, Du'quois, who has worked very hard to find the love of his life, now has to deal with the fact she doesn't remember him. Together they rekindle a friendship and renew their love only to discover that there is more to either of them than meets the eye. 
But there are ghosts lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike tearing apart the very essence of their love. Haunting memories that will have them questioning every step they take as they get closer and closer to the truth. Will they like what they find? Or will it be just what they need to keep them apart?

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