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Author Spotlight: S.C Hutchinson

S.C Hutchinson

Author Bio

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of...the Gulf of Mexico? Yes, you've read it correctly. S.C Hutchinson is from a little known town just thirty minutes from the Gulf of Mexico called Barnwell, Alabama.

Take a trip back with me to 1993 to a place surrounded by farm land and pecan orchards. Across the street was a small patch of forestry. In the midst of all of that nature sat a beautiful lake. Hours spent lake side got the imagination of a young girl churning with powerful stories--stories that one day would refuse to be silenced as the young girl grew into a woman. The more that time passed, the louder the characters of those stories shouted, demanding to be heard.

S.C Hutchinson has been writing since the age of twelve. Finally, twenty one years later, she could no longer ignore the stories churning within the core of her soul. It was in that moment she put the proverbial pen to paper and wrote her debut novel titled, Into the Darkness from the Light as part of ‘The Dark Series’.  In addition to that, she has published her adult paranormal romance titled, The Highland Stones as part of ‘The Highland Love Series’.
Her new releases that are coming up include two collaborations, a stand-alone novel titled, Sequestered Hearts (Fall of 2015) and the second installments of both ‘The Dark Series’ and ‘Highland Love Series’. 

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Books by S.C. Hutchinson:

The Highland Stones


Adeline Bruce is from a small town called Paxton Falls, Alabama.  It’s a small town where life seemed absolutely perfect in every sense of the word.  It was your average white picket fence type of town, but Adeline’s dreams take her to somewhere exotic and far away when she is selected from thousands of students to study under one of the world’s most notable archaeologists—Dr. MacStone.  However, her trip to Trinity College in Scotland has turned her world upside down when she, quite literally, bumps into him.
Hadrian Balliol is an enigmatic billionaire from a very prestigious family in Scotland.  His family can trace its roots to medieval times and the days of Henry II’s siege on Scotland.  But, Hadrian has a secret. 

As Adeline and Hadrian’s paths cross, things are set in motion that will change the course of history as we know it forever, but more importantly, it will change the both of them forever in more ways than one.  

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Into the Darkness From the Light


Amelia Hutcheson is from Barnwell, Alabama—near the coastal town of Fairhope, Alabama.  It’s a quiet town with only a few traffic lights in existence.  Unfortunately for Amelia, her entire world is about to get turned upside down when he shows up. 
Julian Christopher is a fairly old vampire who had reached an age in which he desires the quiet life.  He poses as a recently graduated homeschool kid and works the graveyard shift at the local grocery store where he meets her.
Will Adeline ever survive this crazy messed up world she has found herself in, or will the darkness consume her every breath as the light simply fades away?

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