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Blog Tour: White Rabbit by J. D. Sloane



 When Brooke Avery became lawyer to one of the most notorious criminals in the city, she knew how dangerous he was. She knew all about his charm, his brutality, his infamous reputation with women. What she didn’t know is how much her obsession would end up costing her, or how their strange, violent relationship would ignite the entire city… “You are very beautiful, Brooke,” he said, his voice low, and Brooke felt herself blushing beneath the weight of his stare. She pulled her skirt down and then unfolded her legs completely while he watched her with a bemused expression on his face.“Tell me, does your firm often send you out to the wolves like this? All alone?”“Sometimes. Usually on the initial interview.” Ronan tilted his head and looked at her, the shadows from the overhead lights making his eyes seem enormous and frightening. “It seems strange, for a woman. Almost masochistic. Do you like dangerous men? Do you like them looking at you, at your body? Wondering what they might do, what they might be capable of, if you turned your back on them for just. One. Instant?”
Welcome to Wonderland...
***explores themes of dark sexuality, violence and dubious consent***

My Review:

WOW That was a great book !!!
The story and concept were very strong. The characters were very well built-up. Quite close to real life and had a strong image. The story was a page-turner, hooked me completely, right from first page till the end in the need to know what happens next. I loved this book pretty much. It was a 5 Star read for me apart from some errors. 

The characters were so strongly sketched to life that you can feel the psychopath Ronan is..! You can feel the anger, the terror, the irritation. The situations were so very well plotted that you can feel how helpless Brooke felt, what she's been through, how she's surviving. You must read it to find out how's the world of Ronan and Brooke. A beautifully-dark story it was.. Yes! Does they go together? Beautiful and Dark?? It does... In this book. It has that unique combination of story :)

This author truly has some great skills and a strong hand. Well i say this about the authors who have the potential to write some remarkable books.

It could have been a perfect 5 star but there were a few editing mistakes. the scenes switched without any divider while story jumped from one character to another character or past/present flashbacks without specifying, that was a bit confusing but there was nothing that can't be corrected with a good editor :)
And when Ronan escapes from jail twice,the author should have defined a bit How it happened. 

Apart from that, it was a great book and i loved it pretty much.
It is definitely recommended to all the readers who like Dark Erotic Read. 
(Grateful to author for providing an ARC for an honest review)

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Not really sure what to write here. A lot of writers will tell you that they've been writing their whole lives, and I'm no different. But what that won't tell you is that they don't just want to write- they have to. It's like a compulsion. Essentially, you spend a huge chunk of your life trying to bring to life people who only exist in your mind. So, in that sense, the only thing that really separates writers from other crazy people is some kind of keyboard.
I live in Michigan with my husband, who is my love and my soul mate, and the two feral alley cats we took in as kittens. We kind of think of them as the Duke boys, and our house operates as their own, personal Hazzard county.
One of the quotes I've always liked is: "Only trust someone who can see these three things in you: The sorrow behind your smile, the love behind your anger and the reason behind your silence." I try to integrate that idea into my stories as much as I can. But my favorite quote is attributed to 13th century Persian philosopher Rumi- "What you seek is seeking you."
I love the idea that whatever you long for in life is out there somewhere longing for you.

Finally, for those who read my work and find it a little too dark or violent or twisted, I can only tell you something that was once told to me. That there's a dark lake inside of every one of us. And if you don't go and visit it once in a while, whatever's down there will come up to find you. I write to visit the lake...


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