Friday, 21 November 2014

Start !!

Hi. This is my beginning of my official blogging, a first experience for sure. !
Well let me Introduce myself first, I am MJ a self-diagnosed bookaholic. I love three things in my life the most:
1. Reading
2. My Books
3. My Bookshelf

I personally prefer reading Paperbacks but when certain books are not available in my region, I have to purchase Ebooks. I love to read past midnight, You can say I carry my books in the bag under my eyes :) I like to review the books that i read.
You can join me and follow me here. I need your love, support and companionship in our mutual passion of reading.
You can find here reviews of most upcoming books and top new recommendations. We can discuss and cherish our Love of Books here.
Thanks. And Welcome :)
This blog will grow and enhance with time :)


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